Top 5 Best AI-powered image generators


In the recent past, it was necessary to spend hours or even days to produce quality images. Today, thanks to AI and the emergence of automatic generation tools, everything is done in a few seconds. To be sure to produce quality graphics with exceptional renderings, it is important to choose the right image generator. To help you find the right one, we present 5 of the best AI image generators through this article.

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Among the free AI image generators at the moment, this one is one of the most advanced. Powered by sophisticated neural networks, this bot can create various types of realistic images from simple textual descriptions. If we are to be given tips for creating stunning images with artificial intelligence, we highly recommend this tool.

To use it, simply go to its platform. You won't need to register, which is a positive point. You must then choose the style of graphic works you want to create. The bot can help you generate, among other things:

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Product prototype;


This versatility is also one of its strong points, especially when we know that a large number of generators are designed to produce a single style of graph. When you choose the style, you then need to write a prompt detail that correctly describes the image. In a few seconds, you obtain a first version that you can modify if you wish.


This tool is one of the most popular among AI image creators. Designed by Discord, it also allows you to create beautiful graphics from a set of words. Midjourney's algorithms use machine learning to produce their new works. Trained on a large quantity of images and photos, they have a substantial database from which to draw inspiration. Creating new shapes, colors and patterns becomes easy. The possibilities are therefore endless with this bot.

To use it, you must go to the Discord platform, register and then join one of the rooms called “newbies”. You must then enter the “/image” command followed by your prompt. When you have an image, you can modify it to perfect it.

The use of commands, however, makes this bot difficult for beginner creators to use. With a little practice, however, they can get the hang of the tool. Then practice using it.

Jasper Art

If you need to create a work of art with exceptional qualities, you can use a tool like Jasper Art. Like the previous tools, it is a text-to-image image generator. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, it facilitates the generation of works of art in any creative universe.

To use this AI, you must register on the site. Since it is paid, users can benefit from free access for 7 days to try the tool. If it suits them, they can subscribe to it. Otherwise, they may cancel before the end of the trial period.

Canva AI

In the field of graphic design, Canva is positioned as one of the leaders. If you are one of the millions of monthly users of this tool, know that it now has an AI-powered version.

Thanks to the latter, the long hours spent behind the screen to generate an image or logo are over. All it takes is a textual description to quickly create original and unique works. Completely free, it allows you to save time in your new designs and helps you overcome lack of inspiration. So don’t hesitate to try it.

Bing image creator

The last tool we present to you is Bing Image Creator from Microsoft. If you like using this browser, you can use this tool to generate your images. Bing Image Creator is based on the latest version of DALL-E, the Open AI generator. Suffice to say that he produces high quality works.

You can access it for free via the Bing Chat conversational interface or go to the dedicated site. To create an image, you must launch a prompt. It can be descriptive text like with other tools. Bing Image Creator also includes a microphone allowing you to enter a voice command. When the prompt is validated, the bot offers four versions of your image. You will be able to choose the image that suits you and download it in JPG format or in 1024 × 1024 pixels.